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The Pro Hunts Network is an new digital platform that offers some great hunting and outdoor entertainment to subscribers to view on any device anytime, anywhere for only $5 a month ($60 annually). Some of the shows you find on The Pro Hunts Network are ones that have been around and established a great reputation like, The Best of the West, Horns & Hooks and Fade To Black. The Network also provides exclusive shows you can't find anywhere else like our flagship show, Pro Hunts, which features hunting with some of the biggest names in sports. See a side of todays athletes that few people get to experience.

The Pro Hunts Network has developed some great partnerships that allow us to offer some truly amazing giveaways. All giveaways are eligible to Network subscribers only. At only $5/month, that is less than you spend on lunch everyday! Last time we checked, hunting is more important that lunch! Imagine winning an all expenses paid hunting trip that will be filmed and featured on some of our shows, with a grand prize being hunting with an athlete on an episode of Pro Hunts. Wouldn’t that be awesome!? You can’t win if you don't sign up so instead of grabbing a combo meal for $8 that is gonna make you feel sluggish and regretful, grab a subscription to The Pro Hunts Network and get your hunting fix, anytime you want!


Mont has 34 years experience as a hunting guide in the western U.S., Canada and Alaska and 20 years experience filming big game hunts. He created and produced the show “Hunting With The Pros” and filmed and documented interior grizzly bears in Alaska form 2000 to 2002. He raised his kids hunting and has had many great experiences in his career as a guide and as a dedicated hunter. Mont is the co founder of The Pro Hunts Network and Executive Producer of the show, Pro Hunts.

Tyler Beardall

Tyler has 13 years experience as a videographer and editor producing shows throughout the Western U.S. and Canada. He is the producer of Pro Hunts including development of show content and video direction of each individual hunt. Additionally, Tyler has 15 years experience as a big game hunting guide and was raised hunting often getting pulled out of school to "help" guide with his father, Mont. Tyler is a co founder of The Pro Hunts Network and loves to create and share the experiences of the hunt.